Etiquette Classes

A 2-3 hour etiquette class which can be held at The Pink Studio or at your troop location.

Each young lady will come dressed in fancy dress up attire.


  • Make a great first impression​​​

  • Have a great conversation

  • Dress to impress

  • Give a great handshake

  • Using kind words and phrases

  • Treating others with respect and kindness

  • Using eye contact

  • Understanding body language

  • sitting properly

  • Proper note writing

Mealtime Manners​​

  • Posture at the table 

  • Table setting & silverware placement

  • Handling utensils

  • Dining Do's and Dont's

  • Dining dilemmas

  • Passing items around the table

  • Basic table manners

  • Interacting with servers

  • Excusing yourself from the table