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Summer Camps


Art Studio Camp

August 5th - August 9th

Ages 10-15




Our camps are designed for young artists to explore expressing themselves creatively through an exciting variety of art projects.  Each day, students will create a masterpiece and use different art mediums such as, liquid ink, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, pastels, colored pencils, oil paint pens, ceramics, recycled material and charcoal, pen and ink, plus, plus, plus.


They will also learn the principles of line, tone, perspective, color and composition.  They will practice still life, contour, fashion and cartoon drawings. They will get to experiment with different paint splatters and pours (all the rage).They will learn about art history, art styles and be inspired by some of the greatest artist from around the world. 


They create their “own one of a kind” painted clothing (jeans, shoes, jacket or t-shirt, which they bring from home). On the last day our young artist will have their very own galley showing of their art they made from camp with their friends and family.

Style Club Camp

August 12th - August 16th

Ages 10-15

For the FABULOUS who love FASHION and DIY’s!

Do you have your own awesome sense of style? Campers will have so much fun designing, decorating and up-cycling one-of-a kind pieces of clothing and shoes.


Our Fashionistas’ will take a field trip to the local Goodwill and The Westfield Mall to learn the art of styling, fashion trends, merchandising, visual display and fabrications. They will put together a fashion inspiration board and their own personal “Look Book”.


They will also (DIY) make their own gorgeous accessories, natural beauty and bath products (bath salts, scrubs, lotion, fragrance, bombs, soaps, candle and lip gloss), and home décor for their room. Everyday will be an adventure in creative expression that will result in a collection of signature pieces.



August 19th - August 23rd

Ages 10-15


This camp is designed to empower young people to explore the world of entrepreneurship. Students will create their own products, sell at a real “Pop-UP Store” and keep all of their PROFITS!


Our progressive curriculum allows returning students to learn new advanced business skills. This program is experiential and fun.  It fosters creativity, teaches planning and decision making.  Role playing, learning how to sell products and S-E-L (social emotional learning) builds self confidence and leadership skills.

Monday- Our campers will learn how to create a business in their community, utilizing their interests and talents. They will participate in a master mind session to create a fabulous product line (fashion, accessories, and home décor or personal care items). A list will be sent to you to choose from, name/brand and business plan. They will learn about supply and demand, competition, distribution, branding, cost, profit and how to be unique in the market place.  They will start creating their first products that day. They will also see and hear about other successful Entrepreneurs and how they became so successful.  Each camper will receive their very own Entrepreneur Handbook. 

Tuesday- Campers will learn about how to raise capital and create a financial plan. We will have a financial expert come in and teach the basics about saving, investing (real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.), giving back and the difference between bad interests on debt vs. good interest you earn. Each camper will learn how to write a check, balance a check book and understand debit cards vs. credit cards. Each camper will create a fabulous wallet and also, work on their product line for half of the day. 

Wednesday- Marketing Magic- Campers will create a marketing/advertising strategy for their product line based on their target market. They will shoot a commercial, come up with a print campaign, social media strategy, make their business cards, create their sign for their pop up boutique,  and work on their product line to sell at their Pop Up store on Friday. 


Thursday- Our young entrepreneurs will learn about the skill of SELLING, connecting with your customers, providing great customer service, ethics, social responsibility and operating by the “Golden Rule.”  They will learn all about people skills, developing rapport, understanding different personality types, eye contact, smiling, hand shaking, gestures, voice tone and social etiquette.  They will also learn how to put together a DREAM TEAM of support. They will also work on their product line for their Grand Opening Pop up Store on Friday. 

Friday- GRAND OPENING DAY- Join us for the Official Pop Up Store! Campers practice their presentation – Put the finishing touches on their products, merchandise and set up their store. Each business owner needs to bring $30-$50 in change and a decorated cash box/shoe box. Invite all of your friends and family to come out and SHOP!!!  Refreshments will be served. 

Material Cost Fee is an additional $30 (we can shop for your child or we can give you a list and you can shop for the materials (Michaels, Dollar Tree, etc.)  


Field trips will be taken to YouTube and Yahoo in Playa Vista.

California dreaming' summer fun on the run camp

July 8th - July 12th

Ages 13-16

We are hitting the road and touring all over some of Los Angeles’s most famous and iconic attractions with our cameras and creating magical memories. The girls will create a photo/art journal of their week.

We will be going to The Museum of Dream Space (Pop up Digital Interactive Museum), The Getty, Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade, The Grove and Farmers Market, Melrose, Hollywood, The Museum of Illusions (pop up museum), Beverly Hills and LA County Museum of Art. $375 early bird price includes all entrance fees to attractions. $425 June 1 after.  


Only 11 spaces available.

lazy daisy & diy dream camp

July 29th - August 2nd

Ages 13-16

Get ready to CHILLAX in our Teen Lounge- This camp is designed for maximum relaxation and creativity.


Girls can come in cozy attire, play games, watch movies, make DIY’s, read, journal, do yoga, nap  and have a picnic in the park. The Ultimate DREAM WEEK for any person.

camp rates


Early Camp Rates

(Register by June 9, 2019)

Each Full Week Camp is $325 per week or $80 per day   

(We know it’s hard to choose just one, so here’s a discount to have more FUN!)


Do 2 Full Week Camps for only $300 per week 

(SAVE $50) 

Do 3 Full Week Camps for only $275 per week 

(SAVE $150)

Camps run from 9am-3pm - Bring Lunch and Snacks

15% Sibling Discount

Extended Care available-please call for details

Camp Rates June 10, 2019

(Space Permitting)

Each Full Week Camp is $375 per week or $100 per day


Do 2 Full Week Camps for only $350 per week 

(SAVE $50)


Do 3 Full Week Camps for only $325 per week 

(SAVE $150)

Camps hours from 9am-3pm - Bring Lunch and Snacks

15% Sibling Discount


Please download the registration/waiver form and email the completed form to angeliquetalbert@gmail.com

For more information contact Angelique Talbert

via-cell at (310) 595-4314  or via-email at angeliquetalber@gmail.com